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At Adventure Travel we believe your journey should open more than just suitcases; this is your opportunity to open doors to new cultures, be inspired by exhilarating scenery and have liberating experiences that will open your mind to a world of opportunities. 'Adventure' is not just about jumping out of planes or swimming with sharks (although we can do this), it's about having an exciting and remarkable experience every time you travel.

Through our 25 years of experience, we work closely with some of the most respected travel and tour providers around the world and a network of small locally owned and operated companies - making tailor made itineraries just for you is what we are passionate about.

Whether you’re looking to explore the dense jungle of South America, experience a camping safari amongst the thriving wildlife of Africa, or witness the Northern Lights with Polar Bears in the Arctic – start the journey by getting in touch with us today!

Tim Cox was a godsend at a stressful time. A close family member died the day before we were due to fly to Italy, we therefore needed to delay our trip at very short notice. Tim was an absolute godsend, he was patient, calm and efficient in re-arranging our flights. In the weeks leading up to our trip he had already helped us by making two changes to connecting flights as the prognosis deteriorated. Tim could not have done more for us and he now has clients for life (although we are hoping that he never has to repeat the last minute changes he had to make for us this time). We wholeheartedly recommend Tim for providing a service above and beyond our expectations and for doing his utmost to minimise the stress of a difficult time.


We were fortunate enough to win a holiday voucher so the whole world was open to us. We elected not to go for a package tour but asked Tim Cox at Adventure Travel to create the perfect holiday for us in Italy. We selected two apartments to suit our requirements, in Rome and Positano on the Amalfi Coast, then left the rest up to Adventure Travel. They handled the accommodation bookings, the flights, and all the transfers between the airports, apartments and train. All we had to do was turn up and enjoy the experience. We were extremely relaxed knowing there would be someone to meet us at each juncture and ensure we got to where we needed to be at the right time. We had no worries about trying to find transportation, or not knowing where we had to go. The entire holiday was much more enjoyable because of all the hard work done before we’d even left New Zealand. Thank you so much for giving us a holiday to remember.

Meg and Ann

I first visited Adventure Travel back in 1990. Over 23 years I’ve been fortunate to travel overseas a number of times, each amazing trip with its own highlights and all arranged for me by the friendly staff at Adventure Travel. My first trip anywhere and I was booked to travel the Trans Siberian Railway followed by two months in Europe on a Eurrail pass, starting in Berlin. The service is just as great now as it has ever been!