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Hayley Bill

My 16 years’ experience in the travel industry has taken me to 25 countries around the world.

To me, travel is about making connections, whether this is a connection to see family or friends, to experience a new culture, or to visit a place that holds something meaningful to you. So, I would have to say my most memorable trip was to Fiji in 2019 with my two kids. A lot of laughs, swimming and snorkelling off the beach. Seeing the joy on their faces was just priceless. Next on the list? Back to New York. But there are so many other places I would love to visit, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Chile – do I need to go on?

I want to make travel memorable for everyone one of my clients, by taking away some of stresses and barriers to planning travel. Travel is personal and no one holiday is the same and for this reason, I have true passion for my job as every day is different.


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